Seven Star Wraps pride themselves on working with only the highest grade materials available. Tailored directly to your bespoke project needs.

3M 1080

We highly recommend 3M’s 1080 series, for partial and full colour change vehicle wraps.

3M’s 1080 series is one of the most superior films available on the market, with its conform-ability and durability being second to none.  This material has an exceptional finish and is available in a number of finishes such as gloss/Matt/metallic/pearl/brushed and carbon fibre effects.  This vinyl range is backed up by 3M’s 7-10 year product manufacture warranty.

3M ij-180 / ij-380

3M’s ij-180 and ij-380 products are used to create stunning digital printed custom graphic design and advertisement vehicle wraps.  3M ij-180 is commonly used in digital printed applications where the vehicles contours are smooth and flowing with minimal compound curves, deep or double recessed panels (eg mk1 Mercedes sprinter)

3M ij-380 is commonly used in digital printed vehicle wraps and has been specially developed for applications where the vehicles bodywork contains complex compound curves and panels containing deep or double recesses. Found on vehicles such as the mk1 Mercedes sprinters.

If you have experience seen a vehicle wrap lifting, bridging or popping out of a recess, this would be a direct result of the installation of a inferior and inadequate material for the application. This vinyl range is backed up by 3M’s 7-10 year product Manufacture Warranty.

3M ij-40

3M’s ij-40 series is a digital printable material designed for 2d application to flat boards and panels.  This vinyl range is backed up by 3m’s 3-5year product manufacture warranty.

3M 50 series

The 3M 50 series material has been developed for signage and sign writing where only a 2d applications in required. This range consists of 28 colour variations in gloss/Matt/Metallic finishes.  This vinyl range is backed up by 3M’s 3-5 year product manufacture warranty.

This is just a brief description of a number of materials seven star wraps uses and believe are fit for there specific purpose and applications.

There are many other material brands and their assorted series’s available for your individual application needs.  We are more than happy to advise on materials suitable for your required installation whether it be a specific colour or finish you require.